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We're training Permanent make up, Microblading, lash extension artists all the time, and we need models for the students to work on, under the supervision of our skilled instructors. This is a rare and supervised opportunity to get services that ordinarily cost upward of $300 - for nominal cost! Click below to sign up now!

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Why Choose iCandy ?

Are you thinking about becoming a Certified Professional and increasing your client base and your income? Have you been researching your options to find the best company out there to fulfill your career goals? iCandy® is the premier training company in the industry. We absolutely guarantee that our unique education method, premier products and brand affiliation will assist in your success. We help our professionals grow even after they graduate. We are proud to offer you much more.

Join our new Apprentice Program. 

Our Apprentice Program allows you to obtain the relevant knowledge and skills you need to become certified with a designation as an:

Advanced Microblading Professional
Advanced Permanent Cosmetics Professional
Advanced Scalp Pigmentation Specialist
Advanced Lash Artist.

The Apprentice Program only requires you to commit to a single four-hour training session at a time.

  • No contracts or long-term obligations

  • Morning and Afternoon sessions are available

  • Bring your own model or we provide models for you

  • Progress at your own pace - complete your training on your schedule

  • Experienced Instructors monitor your work and guide you every step of the way

  • Bring your own supplies or we will provide (additional fees apply)

All Apprentice candidates must have completed a basic course in their area of study. Candidates must have a current Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate and Tattoo Practitioner License. (We provide the required Facility License and offer assistance to you in obtaining your certificate and license.)

Apprentice Candidates will receive their Certificate of Completion and their Advanced Certification when they have completed 100 hours of training both textbook and practical.

There is no minimum time to complete your training and your training hours do not expire for two years.

 Monday through Friday email

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Am I required to be a licensed cosmetologist/nurse to attend? or is it ok to have no experience?

Actual license policy varies from state to state. Upon you enrollment, we will contact the organization that regulates Permanent Cosmetics/Lash Extensions/LashCurl/ in your home state to find out specific requirements and details. 

Learn Online

With growing number of virtual students, iCandy has a very comprehensive online certification. You can watch the training videos at your own leisure and up to a month. 

Can I buy your products if I have not received training at iCandy

Absolutely! We encourage you to use our system and become a iCandy family

Are the Trainings Certified?

Yes not only you get a certificate of completion of the course but we are fully compliant with the educational standards and hours required. iCandy is the first institute that is on its way to get certified and recognized by California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE)

Do I work on Models?

For all specialty classes: Students are required to provide their own model(s) for eyeliner, eyebrow and lipliner procedure applications. One model may choose to have all three procedures; a different models for each procedure is also acceptable. Models should be prepared to come into the clinic on the 3rd, 4th or 5th day of the Introductory Course. They will be "on call" as we cannot guarantee specific timing. We will do our best to have models in and out of the clinic in a timely manner. Models can expect to be in the clinic for approximately 2+ hours per procedure. We will try to accommodate any time preferences on a first come, first serve basis. It is not our policy to find models for any of our students. For out-of-state students, or those visiting from another country, iCandy will work to provide models for you to work on. BHBG cannot be held responsible for any models that do not show up for their appointments. **All models volunteering for lip procedures must be on Valtrex, Famvir or Zovirax at least 3+ days prior to their procedure to protect from any cold sore or herpes outbreak pre-, mid- or post-procedure. Models are required to consult a physician before taking any of these medications.**

Payment Plan

Yes. If you have the drive, dedication and passion it takes to become a successful Technician, we wants to help you reach your goals. We offer options for financial assistance( based on credit approval) to help those students who need it. For information about iCandy's Financial Assistance programs, and to see if you qualify, please contact us at